Monday, May 11, 2009

You know you're old when...

So yesterday was my 24th birthday (yaaaay). I tend to forget about my own birthday because I usually celebrate with friends the weekend before or after. That's because my birthday tends to land on Mother's Day weekend. There's a fifty percent chance that it will be the Mother's Day weekend (with the help of leap dates) and the other half of the time it's in the middle of the week.

My forgetfulness aside, there are perhaps other indicators that I am getting older and maturing no matter how much I don't want to. One thing I noticed recently, and more and more often, is that my taste buds have seemed to mature.

I used to eat everything and loved it. I especially love chocolate and sweets in general. I recalled being addicted to sour candy and would always jump for joy when I got them. Since then, I've lost a bit of my sweet tooth. I find myself unable to finish a chocolate cake because it was "too sweet." As well, I avoid sour candy and a lot of hard candies now too because the sour shards tend to wreck havoc on your tongue.

Worst of all, I've developed a stomach for grown up food. Well, I mean I always liked broccoli, spinach, prunes and onions. But I never expected that I would like coconut chocolate! Ugh, maybe it was just a one time thing. I'm still not sure if I want to test it out to see.

In either case, with all this eating, I need to find time to do some cardio and burn off excess calories. If only I can convince myself to wake up earlier in the mornings...

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