Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Canadians Invade Tukwila, Washington! 4-2 Battle Roads Report - Part 2

Lunch Break - Jasmine's BR Report
It seems that every time we doing a Pokemon tournament, we wind up eating Subway. This was no difference as we ended up sharing a footlong meatball sub (Happy Gilmore's favourite!) and sharing the details of our matches so far. Jasmine was running a troll deck that she called Bomberman. It was an all or nothing deck that was relatively stress free. After World's, Jasmine decided that she didn't want to play competitively anymore and had started helping out by judging the local tournaments. But since we were outside our area, I had built a "it's no big deal if I lose" deck for her.

In her first round, she unfortunately had to face off against Joey's dad, Jonathan. In this match, she T2 donked his lone Tepig and took an early win to start the day. In round two, she faced a Reshiphlosion deck and she opponent was only able to get one Typhlosion up as Jasmine set up ridiculously fast again, as the deck is prone to do. After three shotting the Typhlosion, the opponent had nothing and scooped.

Her saw her first loss of the day in her third round match against a Cincinno/Kingdra/Yanmega deck. Yanmegas proved to be a problem as it made it so that she needed to double drop her basics in order to use them. It also didn't help that Jasmine misunderstood one of her card the whole day (I didn't see this and correct her until the end of the day, when she was playing a fun game against Joey). Despite this, she had managed to catch up in prizes to 3-3 before her opponent Judge'd away her Twins and swept the rest of the game.

Round 4 vs. Terry (Reshiboar w/ Simisear)
After lunch, I sat down across the imposing figure of Terry, the PTO. I don't know why, but I'm extremely intimidated by Terry, but being nervous and anxious seems to help my concentration so I rolled with it. We both got fast set ups and Terry recognized the now-typical 130 wall trainer lock strategy and began attaching energies to his Tepig for his bad boar. He PONT'd twice as I slowly attached energies to my Gothitelle and got the Pignite but whiffed on the Emboar. At that point, he was still one energy away from being able to hit 150, but I didn't want to risk it, so I catcher'd his Pignite out, Shaymin'd the energies from my Jirarchi to my active Gothitelle, and KO'd it immediately. Terry then immediately proceeded to scoop. He had a benched Tepig but, without being able to Rare Candy, there was no real hope of hitting over that 130 wall. GG sir!


Round 5 vs. Sigilyph Snipe

What an interesting deck! This is a variant of Yanmega/Kingdra and Mandibuzz/Kingdra in that it uses Kingdra and Sigilyph's Telekinesis to KO basics on the bench. I knew that Telekinesis did not hit for weakness and felt that my Gothitelle was safe. Unfortunately, I failed to take into account the other Sigilyph from Emerging Powers. This Sigilyph had Psychic Pulse, which did 40 + 10 for each damage counter already on the Pokemon. Hitting 40 for weakness was no big deal, but I forgot that he had damage on demand from his Kingdras. Had I known, I would have promoted Zekrom a lot earlier.

After he took out my Gothitelle with all its energies, I had little opportunity to double drop Gothitas and avoid the snipe. I was finally left with just a Rare Candy'd Reuniclus and a Zekrom and no where to put the damage. My other Zekrom was prized and I knew my opponent had multiple ways to win with his Jirachi and Kingdras threatening the undercover Solosis and his Magic Trans Misdrevious being able to deal 50 with the help of his Kingdras. I played towards the option that he was less likely to see but really there was no chance. Zekroms once again hate on me for the lose!


Round 6. vs. Jasmine (Bomberman)

Jasmine ended up 3-2 for the day as well! She suffered a loss immediately after lunch against another Yanmega deck, Yanmegazone, but followed it up with a fast win against a Zoroark/Cincinno deck. I believe it's the combination of dead draws from Judge and the bench snipe that ruins her deck. That, and also not going first.

For a moment it looked like we might get re-paired, but it only affected a couple of people. We turn over our starting Pokemon and its my Zekrom vs. her Tornadus. GG

We play for fun almost immediately and this time she gets an epic start and completely rolls over my deck, dishing out 150 damage twice before I can even get set up.


In the end, I took 10th place in my third ever BR while Jasmine was 16/17th. Jonathan managed to recover spectacularly from the T2 donk in the first round and was also 4-2, taking 7th place off of his better resistance (my opponents dropped :(). Still, there were five 5-1s. Two were ZPST, two were Yanmega variants and the last was another Gothitelle but he got 5th place and didn't have a chance to try for a Victory Cup. Joey, on the other hand, took second place in Seniors (see his report here: http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?t=154738) We end the day with some light shopping and dinner at Olive Garden and got home by 11pm.

All in all, not a bad day. Jasmine handed me a list of requests for her deck and now I have to rebuild it to her liking. I'm not sure if I'll continue running Gothitelle as it has its fair share of problems. Nonetheless, I do have a list of tweaks to make to the list for that deck. I also currently have a Mewplume, Lostgar, ZPST, and Reshiboar build in mind that I want to test out. As far as I'm concerned, Yanmegazone and Stage 1's are out of the question for me as they have autolosses that I simply do not want to lose to :p Meta doesn't seem to work that well for me and I hate mirror matches as a matter of principle. It seems like I need to either do rogue or rogue tech.

Anyways, long story short, don't be surprised if I pop in announced at another Washington state tournament in the near future with a weird deck!

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