Sunday, May 3, 2009

Canucks lost, but I'm giggling away like a schoolgirl

Canucks lost today in a heart breaking game where they looked like they were going to win handily before getting kicked in the nuts five times.

Anyways, one of the webcomics (among many) that I read, xkcd, did a comic the other day and it was a bit weird, since I was just talking about mash-ups.

That's one of the reasons why I'm in a chipper mood that the rest of Vancouver currently. The other is watching SNL with some good friends while playing Bohnanza. But mostly, it's friggin Rickard's White pissing-in-the-cup commercial:

Now, I've mentioned in passing that the bartender looks like he was pissing in the cup more than once in the past. However, after reiterating the fact to a bunch of sleepy, giddy friends, we saw the commercial again and, at 0:06, the dude ordering the drinking totally did a "Hey, why are you unzipping your pants?" look and the bartender simply smiles, revealing that the beverage that everyone in the bar was enjoying was one of his own concoction. It was hilarious.

And now I'm all smiles.

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