Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I dream a lot, but I don't usually remember too many details. Last night, I recall dreaming that my family members had exceptionally long fingernails and toenails. Perhaps they were trying to beat some crazy world record or something, I don't know.

Of course, there are sources for these dreams and I'm pretty sure that the fingernail thing is from the father of a kid that I tutor. The kid's parents is a close family friend to my girlfriend's family and, so, we attended his birthday lunch last weekend, which is when I noticed the father's fingernails.

Only the pinky fingernails were long and they were more like the guitar picking nails than the absurdly long ones in my dream. When I asked about it, my girlfriend commented on how lots of people in Asia grew their pinky nail out a bit, perhaps to help with everyday chores like peeling, picking, and opening containers and small battery case lids.

This morning, after waking up, I had fingernails on the mind and proceeded to cut them. When I was little, I used to bite and pick at my nails with my hands. I'm not sure why, but I hated having long nails as they seemed to get in the way and I scratched myself a lot. Maybe I just like the feeling of touching things with the tip of my fingers.

So, whenever I cut my nails, I always try to take as much of the white as I can. Force of habit I guess.

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