Monday, August 24, 2009

PAX 2009 Schedule

Whoo, such a lazy bum am I. First I failed that maintaining my exercise regiment and then I slack off this blog for two weeks.

For good reason, however. I'm busy preparing for my trip and there is a lot of work to do to cover my arse during that one week.

If you want to find me during PAX, here's a rough schedule of where I'll be during the event.

10-11 Omegathon 1
12-1 HAWP
1-2 Breaking into the Game Industry the Educated Way
2:30-3 Star Trek Online Demo
3-3:30 Scribblenauts Demo
4-4:30 Rockband Beatles Demo
7-10 Hudson PAX Party @ Tap House

10-10:30 Big Fish Games: Faunasphere Demo
11-12 Muramasa and Nostalgia Demo
12-1 Lord of the Rings, D&D Demo
2:30-3:30 Omegathon 3
4-5 Nexon Demo (Combat Arms, Dungeon Fighter Online, Dragon Nest)

10-11 Omegathon 5
12-1 Hudson games demos
2-2:30 Hello Kitty Online Demo
5-6 Omegathon Finals

Like last year, I'm attending every Omegathon I can in hope of being an Omeganaut next year :p I've cut back on the number of panels I'm attending this year as I haven't really enjoyed them as much as I thought I would in previous years. Instead, I'll be spending more time doing media demos, walking the exhibition hall, and playing table top games.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Brilliant or Bland?

I can't seem to decide if this is brilliant or just plain ol' vanilla bland. Don't get me wrong, I have much respect for DDB, who is a part of the largest advertising/PR conglomerate in the world. I also love vanilla ice cream.

Here's the dilemma, the ads work in drawing in attention, using alternate space, and in selling the product. However, it does nothing really for the branding of the product. While McDonald's already have a strong brand, this campaign does nothing to further it, or even reconfirm it. As such, the ad seems to fall flat. Half the response and comments towards this ad is a simple "I don't get it" or "Is that it?". Because McDonald's has such a strong personality and their brand is instilled into the very core of people's logospace, they expect more from it and from its ads.

I cannot help but think that this campaign would have been better if it was saved for something like, I don't know, a rock concert.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Get your mini-muffin updates

I don't always have time to sit my lazy ass down and write something thoughtful or persuasive here on my blog. However, I always seem to have time to update my twitter and I always seem to have something spontaneous to say (though that spontaneity is sometimes mundane). Does this make me a twit?

In either case, if you're really craving some muffiny-script goodness, then follow me tweets. I'll still be updating here once every week or so, so don't fret too much!