Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Help Build Heroblock City!

Well, if you didn't know, I am one of the creators of Escapecraft 3 and the Escapecraft Dual. The Escapecraft series was one of the forerunning adventure/escape maps in Minecraft and has gained acknowledgement and praise from Notch himself.
Shortly after releasing Escapecraft 3, merlinus12 and I began the prep work required for our next big project, Heroblock City, which was to serve as a spiritual successor to the Escapecraft series. Our aspirations were big, as we sat down to plan a map that was easily ten times larger than Escapecraft 3 (which, by itself, was already imposingly large). Here is an early tour of the city:

Unfortunately (well, fortunately for him), merlinus12 found a new job and had to move, leaving him super busy and without a gaming PC for several months. However, since the beginning, we had intended Heroblock City to be a community project and I have decided to proceed with this project on my own while merlinus12 is effectively AWOL. So here we go.

Read this thread for more details: Heroblock City community build thread


What is Heroblock City?
Heroblock City is the spiritual successor to Escapecraft 3. It is a super large multiplayer map where players must work together to survive and to restore the city to its former glory.

How is it related to Escapecraft 3?
After escaping Herobrine's testing chambers, subjects find themselves in a post-apocalyptic town. There are no citizens or other survivors, but there are plenty of Herobrine's experimental monsters! Certain tasks will take you to the outskirts of town, where you may encounter remnants of Herobrine's experimental facitilies and, of course, his devious puzzle chambers.

What other tasks are there?
While there is no linear path to follow in this game, there will be clearly stated objectives, as well as clues and suggested actions that you and your fellow survivors can do. In the Town Hall, you will find evidence of a previous survivor team who had already outlined their strategy for restoring Heroblock City to a livable state. What had happened to this previous team, however, is a mystery.

What else is there to do?
Survive. Monster spawners literally line the streets and will make life very difficult for solo players every night. Stick together, find shelter and scavenge for survival material in the buildings that make up the city. In its post-apocalyptic state, Heroblock City is a barren wasteland with no trees or grass, which means you'll be hard pressed to make your own tools and heal life.

What makes HBC a Community Project?
Heroblock City is too large in scope for terrible builders like merlinus12 and I to flesh out. We're looking to our fanbase and community to help us put the background buildings into this city while we work on the story objectives, events, and puzzles of the map.

How do I start?
Go to the Heroblock City community build thread and read the first post.

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